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jedna sretna mama
Dragi doktore,hvala Vam jer ste prije svega veliki čovjek i veliki liječnik,hvala vam jer ste nam
There’s a trerific amount of knowledge in this article!
Metoidioplasty, one step beyond!

The various techniques for phalloplasty in female-to-male transsexuals produce results that are more or less acceptable, both aesthetically and functionally. However, all these techniques will lead to extensive scarring of the donor area.

Metoidioplasty, i.e. creation of small penis from the clitoris, overdeveloped by hormonal treatment, will not leave any scars outside the genital area.

My experience in more than 80 female-to-male transsexuals will be presented and includes basic principles, new advances and numerous case presentations. I consider it to be a method of choice in cases where the clitoris seems large enough to provide a phallus that will satisfy the patient.

                                                       Miroslav Djordjevic, MD PhD
                                   Associate Professor of Surgery/Urology